Retail Customer Testimonial 6/28/16

I recently began a search for options to flavor my favorite roast of coffee without adding any sugary syrup or odd tasting sugar free flavoring. I am happy to say that my search is over. The ease of adding the flavoring directly to your coffee grounds and the reward of a robust smell/taste of your chosen flavor makes coffee at home how it should be. ( On a side note I have been cold brewing my coffee and to get my desired flavor I had to add one extra scoop to my 34 oz French press.) The choice is simple when it comes to flavoring coffee regardless of your brewing method. Inbru is now a permanent part of my brewing process.

About Inbru

The Sustainable Way To Flavor Coffee. Inbru is an innovative, new coffee flavoring product made from American Rice Hulls infused with aromatics and essential oils.