I love this product!

I drink a lot of coffee: I mean A LOT of coffee! I sometimes get a headache by the middle of the afternoon because I’ve forgotten to drink any water all day. I’ve never been a big water drinker and, until recently, I’ve have to force myself to drink a glass of water every now and then.

At least, that was the case until I found the Aqua Zinger. I love this thing! I first saw this in a magazine and thought it was a cool idea. Recently, while at a shopping mall, I walked into a Brookstone, and there it was! I bought one ($24.99) and have had the best time concocting all kinds of tasty fruit/herb combinations.

It’s been such a great product for me and I’ve been drinking tons more water, because it tastes so good and it’s so much healthier than Propel, Gatorade or the other flavored waters. Plus, I feel like I’m getting all the benefits of real fruit and herbs.

By the way, Inbru works great in the Aqua Zinger, too. It’s a smart way to add flavor without adding any carbs or calories or fat.

I have no affiliation to the company, other than I love the Aqua Zinger, and I wanted to share it with you!

The bottom chamber in the Aqua Zinger unscrews from the aluminum water bottle, and has several blades that cut the fruit. They’re not really sharp, but you wouldn’t want little ones to do this part without supervision.

You place the fruit (cut into bite-sized pieces) and/or herbs around and between the blades until the  chamber is full. There is a plastic cap that fits into this chamber with a metal screen and more blades. Simply turn the knob to break up and mash the contents. Screw on the aluminum container, add ice and water and put on the lid. Shake well and enjoy! The cup gets cold quickly and the flavor intensifies over time.

So, enjoy your coffee but stay hydrated, too!

About Inbru

The Sustainable Way To Flavor Coffee. Inbru is an innovative, new coffee flavoring product made from American Rice Hulls infused with aromatics and essential oils.