AeroPress your way to perfect coffee!

My day always begins with coffee (go figure!) I usually use a french press on the weekdays, when it’s just me, and a drip coffee maker on the weekends, for my husband and I.

Lately, I have been using an AeroPress instead of the french press, and I really like it! The AeroPress is super-easy to use and clean up; way easier than my french press. Also, the ideal water temperature is about 165 – 175 degrees, compared to 195 degrees for a french press, so I can use my instant hot water tap. Bonus! Making an AeroPress coffee takes only about a minute!

 I find that the AeroPress is the perfect application for Inbru Coffee Flavors. Using 1 scoop of Inbru for each scoop of coffee, makes a deliciously mellow cup of flavored coffee.

The AeroPress is made of BPA free plastic and comes with a bunch of parts. You really only need the chamber and filter cap (this holds the paper filter), the paper filters, the plunger (with seal), the filter holder and the scoop. The funnel and the stirrer are unnecessary – I use the scoop’s handle to stir the grounds.

Here’s the website:

There are a couple of steps to making your AeroPress coffee taste great:

1. Run hot water through the chamber, (with the cap screwed on and filter inside). This rinses the filter of the “paper taste”. I do this with the AeroPress on top of my mug. This rinses the paper filter and preheats my mug!

2. Grind your coffee on a FINE setting! You can even use canned espresso ground coffee, such as Illy or LavAzza. I use two scoops for one serving.

3. Scoop your coffee into the chamber and dump the water out of your preheated mug. This is where you can add your Inbru Coffee Flavors! Use one scoop of Inbru for every scoop of coffee. Add hot water to the number, on the chamber, corresponding to the number of scoops you’ve used, and stir well for about ten seconds.

4. Take the plunger and place it into the top of the chamber. With steady pressure, push down on the plunger slowly. There will be an airspace in between the coffee and the plunger – this is good! Push on the plunger until you hear a “hissing” sound (about 20 seconds.) Your two shots of espresso are brewed!  Remove the AeroPress and add a bit more hot water to the mug, to make an americano. You will enjoy an incredibly smooth cup of coffee!

To clean your AeroPress, simply remove the filter cap and plunge the “Espresso Puck”into the trash, or compost bin (the coffee grounds and the Inbru are both compostable.) They do make a steel filter to replace the paper, but I haven’t tried it. I like to wash my AeroPress by hand. It only takes a few seconds. The plunger should be stored inside the chamber, and the “puck” expelled immediately after use.

There are several good videos on using an AeroPress on You Tube. You can also make an amazing latte or cappuccino, using a battery operated milk frother. Check out my earlier posting – Instructional video on making a homemade Latte, with Collin from

I’d love to hear your comments! Let me know if you use an AeroPress and if you have anything to add, that might be helpful or interesting.


About Inbru

The Sustainable Way To Flavor Coffee. Inbru is an innovative, new coffee flavoring product made from American Rice Hulls infused with aromatics and essential oils.