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I love this product!

I drink a lot of coffee: I mean A LOT of coffee! I sometimes get a headache by the middle of the afternoon because I’ve forgotten to drink any water all day. I’ve never been a big water drinker and, until recently, I’ve have to force myself to drink a glass of water every now […]


May Retail Special

           Want to try our new flavor, Belgian Cookie, for FREE?                                     Here’s your opportunity!  Inbru’s May retail special is “Buy 4 Jars And Get An Inbru Belgian Cookie For Free”! All retail customers ordering […]


AeroPress your way to perfect coffee!

My day always begins with coffee (go figure!) I usually use a french press on the weekdays, when it’s just me, and a drip coffee maker on the weekends, for my husband and I. Lately, I have been using an AeroPress instead of the french press, and I really like it! The AeroPress is super-easy […]


Let’s Celebrate 10,000 "Likes"!

Time To Celebrate 10,000 Likes! In honor of this amazing milestone, all Facebook fans will receive 10% off their next Inbru Coffee Flavors  online order (through May 1!) If you’re already a fan of Inbru Coffee Flavors,  use the code on the Facebook page. If you’re not,  just “Like” Inbru Coffee Flavors and get the […]


Freebie Frenzy Review and Giveaway

Thanks for the great review of Inbru Butterscotch Drop and Raspberry Truffle, Sara! Read Sara’s review here.  Enter the giveaway for a chance to win 2 jars of Inbru Coffee Flavors.


Honolulu Coffee Company

         Did you know Inbru Coffee Flavors supplies coffee flavors to Honolulu Coffee Company?                                            Visit their Facebook Page (or, better yet, visit THEM!)  Add some twist to your coffee with our Hawaiian […]


Ten Thousand FB "Likes"

10,000 Facebook Likes!! We’re closing in on 10,000 “likes”!  Help us reach this amazing goal by liking the Inbru Coffee Flavors Facebook page. We’ll be celebrating with a 10% discount for all our Facebook fans, once we’ve reached our milestone. Thank you, Inbru FB fans!


Food, Fotos and Fun! Blogger Review & Giveaway

Inbru Review by Ashley, author of the blog “Food, Fotos and Fun!” Ashley received a graduate degree in May, 2012. She is interested in fitness, healthy eating and living life in an environmentally conscious manner! In addition to her review, Ashley is hosting an Inbru giveaway. Read her review and sign up for her giveaway here:


Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee

                     It’s April and that means the beginning of “Iced Coffee Season”! As the temperatures begin to warm, I begin to think about my favorite iced coffee recipe, “Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee.” I’d like to share the recipe with you, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as […]