New Flavors are Springing Up at Inbru!

                              Inbru is doing a bit of spring cleaning! 

                   Check out the new additions (coming soon) to our portfolio of flavors:

Celtic Mocha – a rich, milk chocolate with a spike of Irish Creme. Feel free to drink and drive! (named by Inbru Facebook Fan, Krista Seffern)

Belgian Cookie – based on “Speculoos,” a popular Belgian shortbread biscuit traditionally served at Christmastime. You may know it as “Biscoff – Europe’s Favorite Cookie.”

Raspberry Truffle – natural raspberry flavor wrapped in chocolatey goodness.  All the decadence of a truffle, without the guilt!

French Vanilla - here’s our take on this coffeehouse staple, reminiscent of vanilla wafers. 
Ahhh…aromatherapy in a cup o’ joe!

                                  As new flavors arrive, we must bid farewell to others:

Jamaican Craze – customers just weren’t craze-y about this one
Nutcracker Sweet – we still have Toasted Chestnut all year long
Peppermint – don’t worry! it’ll be back in the fall

About Inbru

The Sustainable Way To Flavor Coffee. Inbru is an innovative, new coffee flavoring product made from American Rice Hulls infused with aromatics and essential oils.